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gosh! Yeah131美女爽爽爽爱做视频

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gosh! Yeah131美女爽爽爽爱做视频

Did you guys see that?!" Michael Cole shouted into his headset, whilst looking between his two commentating partners for the night."By god, what a match we just witnessed!" John 'Bradshaw' Layfield countered back into his own headset."I can't believe my eyes.. we possibly just saw history in that ring." Said, Jerry 'The King' Lawler.Backstage after the match was over. All 9 diva's from the Three-Team Elimination match had all spread out, individually. All except two. It was no secret that Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch had become very close friends during their story line down on NXT, and even through all this feuding. They were still Team BAE at heart, and the two best of friends behind the curtain. They said their consecutive thank you's to those who passed them by to congratulate them and offer a small hug. They smiled warmly at each other once everyone had finally left them alone, and began making their way to the private divas locker room."I just really need to get out of this gear and take a nice shower." Commented Sasha Banks, as both diva's strutted through the halls."Yer feckin' tellin' meh." Said Becky Lynch, almost limping in her walk. She was getting very uncomfortable in her ring attire.They eventually reached the door and Becky had opened up the locker room to them. Instantly a nice cool breeze blew past them. The locker rooms were nicely air conditioned for the talent to cool off after a match. It was a nice transition since the hallways were always so hot and heated. They made their way into the locker room and both diva's sat down on the bench, taking a moment to breath and soak it all in at what had happened during their match. Sasha looked over at Becky with a smile. It wasn't the smile the fans were use to seeing on The Boss' face when she was in the ring. This smile was different. It was harm, and heartfelt."You were so good out there, boo. We all were, actually. But I think you did great!" Sasha told her, before starting to peel off her specially graphic designed boot covers from her attire."Ah, thank yew! But ye were most definitely great, too." Becky said with her own personal smile.Sasha just smiled and proceeded to peel off the other cover on her boot. Becky turned her attention to her own gear and began removing her wrist and forearm bands. The two diva's kept exchanging looks as one by one, pieces of their ring attire was removed and tossed to the floor. This wasn't unusual for them. Or for any diva at all, really. They got changed and undressed in front of each other all the time. But what was going on right now? Perhaps some sort of adrenaline was still running through their bodies after the match and a little special something else was heating up inside them."Hey, Becks? You know, we could totally just conserve some water if we shower together. Would also make it a lot hotter. The water, I mean. Using one instead of two?" Sasha almost regretted what she had just said, but had grown proud of it when she noticed Becky's facial expression was still perky, and happy."Aww, that makes sense. We can do that fer sure!" She said as her smile grew.The two divas got up from the bench. All of their attire was shredded at this point. All they were left in were push up bras they wore underneath, and of course, plain black panties. Sasha had taken Becky's hand and led them both into the showers before entering one of the stalls. She let go of the Irish diva's hand before sticking her thumbs into the sides of her panties. Instantly sliding them down her long, brown legs with ease. Kicking them off towards the other end of the room, against the wall. Becky was lost in how cute and tight Sasha's pussy looked. She also couldn't get over the neat little patch of hair above. Shaking the thoughts off once she noticed Sasha's bra was removed too, exposing her perky breasts, and erect nipples."Are you going to take off yours? You can't shower with them on, girl." Sasha said with a smile before turning around towards where the valves for the shower were.Becky pulled down her panties and bent down a little to help drag them down her legs. She hadn't realized until she looked up that she was face to face with The Boss' ass. And, oh boy what an ass it was! It wasn't small, but it wasn't big either. It was more plump than anything. Becky swallowed hard and slowly stepped out of her under garments, as Sasha awaited for her to notify her she was ready."Hurry up back there! We really need this sho-.." Sasha began before she was cut off!The Boss has turned her head over her shoulder to see what was happening. Oh my god! Becky Lynch was kissing and groping her ass. Sasha had leaned forward and pressed her hands to the wall in front of her. Becky began moving her tongue around and licked Sashas ass cheeks back and forth, sliding over her crack as she did. Sasha decided to just turn the shower on, so she turned the valve and let the warm water spray down on both of them. That didn't stop Miss. Lynch. Her tongue was at work and she wasn't stopping until she tasted all of that ass. With that being said, Sasha's cheeks were pulled apart by her own hands. Allowing Becky to thrust forward with her head and licking up Sasha's darkened asshole."Oh, gosh! Yeah, 'becca. Stick it in there and tongue fuck my ass." Sasha moaned as the water poured down over her head and dropped along her body, dripping to the floor.Becky was quick to obey and drove her tongue into the tight and sweet rim of The Boss. 'She tastes so good back here.' thought Becky in her head. Her tongue was doing it's best to ravage the inside of Sasha backdoor hole. Sure it was sweaty and had a little stench to it. But if you were face to face with Sasha Banks' ass, what would you do? Yeah, exactly! The water was helping anyways,巨大黑人极品videos精品 as it poured down from her head, and onto her back. Sliding down her crack and onto Becky's tongue when she moved from her ass before going back in. It almost worked as lube, and extra suction to when she moved it all the way in and gave Sasha's puckered hole a small smooch with her lips."Wait! Wait." Sasha said before pushing Becky back and away from her tight rear end."Let's get out of here. There's more room in the locker room!" She squealed before turning the water off and reaching over to the dry area, grabbing their towels.Tossing a towel to Becky before skipping out of the shower room, drying and dabbing at her own wet hair. Becky dried herself up a little, and even wiped the towel over her now soaking pussy. She was so wet from getting to taste Sasha's ass. She couldn't wait for more! Getting up and walking out of the showers. She bumped into Sasha, not realizing she would be standing right outside the doors. She looked up, confused and her eyes instantly widened in shock. She knew why Sasha was standing so still and speachless. Nikki Bella was standing in the middle of the room, naked, and an eight inch strap on hanging between her legs."Sounds like you two were having fun. But I think we both know that if you're going to be on the main roster. You need to please, your champion." The busty Bella said with a grin as her hands found her hips.All Becky and Sasha could do was nod before moving over to their Diva's Champion. They fell to their knees and each grabbed the end of the dildo. It was a nice shade of red, to match the attire she had wore earlier in the night. Sasha was the first to swallow in the head, and remove her hand from the base so Becky would lick up and down the sides. The only pleasure Nikki got out of this was humiliating two divas. The cock wasn't real, so the pleasure one would normally get wasn't there. But the humiliation was enough to get her to moan for the two at work."Mhm, take it down your throat, boss." She said in a mocking manner, referring to Sasha Banks.Sasha did just that and swallowed more of the lengh until it touched the back of her throat. IT was only six inches in, with two more to go. She couldn't do it without gagging, and began spitting up along the shaft. Becky was quick to slober away along the sides, and pick up Sasha's saliva from the man made cock. Oh wow, she loved the taste of another womans spit on a strap on. Something about it was so erotic to her. She could feel her lwoer reigion tingle again, and become soaked, dripping into the carpeted floor. Sasha lifted her head from the dildo and moved over behind Nikki. Becky took this chance to swallow the lengh. The difference between Sasha? All eight inches fit in her mouth, and she didn't gag. She let it sit as she swallowed it down her throat, trying to touch Nikki's pelvis through the harness. Nikki hands ran through the long orange hair of Becky. Squealing in surprise to Sasha spreading her cheeks from behind her, and wiggling her tonge against the bottom porition of her slick pussy. She lapped away at the folds before moving up and swirling her tongue around the puckered asshole of Nikki Bella."You little sluts are so good at this. I can't decide which one I'm going to fuck before this is all over." The bustier Bella said with a laugh.Sasha's tongue picked up the pace over her ass, and even began switching back to her moist lips from time to time. She wanted to take Nikki's fake cock in her tight pussy. Becky on the other hand was working extra hard too. She held onto Nikki's waist and face fucked herself while staring up at Nikki. She purposely began making gagging sounds, to increase the humiliation pleasure for the girl her and her friend were servicing."Ooh. Come on Mercedes.. 'becca over here is doing a reeeeaaallly good job right now!" Nikki said before laughing and tilting her head back to let out a long moan.Sasha was determined and shoved her fingers inside the wet twat of the Bella. Her tongue moving back up and probing at her asshole quickly before slipping back down to join her fingers. Two fingers and a tongue was all it took for Nikki Bella to squirt and drip against Sasha's face and through the harness straps, against Becky's chin. Nikki forcefully pushed Becky aside and dropping to the floor on her hands and knees. She leanted forward and gave Sasha much better access to her swollen lips."So fucking good. Clean me, now!" She shouted back at her.Sasha did as told and lapped at the folds, cleaning up the juice that was left behind from her squirting. She was quick to clean her own face off in the process. Taking small moments to swipe her tongue around her mouth, making sure all the juice she could get, would be in her mouth, and down her throat. Becky just stared in awe, taking her fingers to her pussy. She rubbed at her clit and dipping her other hand into her moist hole."Good girl." Nikki said as she wiggled her ass around for Sasha to stop and back away."You know. I said I would fuck one of you, but I lied. Just really needed to get off after that match. Thank's anyways. You both did, okay." A smug look appeared on the Bella's face as she unfastened the harness.Standing up and slipping the harness down her legs before tossing it against the floor. Moving over to a table and picking up a fresh towel, she looked back at the two divas who sat in disbelief and shock."I'm going to take a shower. I'll leave my little toy for you guys to help each other. Have fun!" A perky smile appeared on her face this time.At least she was nice enough to let the other two have their fun with eachother. Nikki disappeared into the showers as Becky and Sasha shared a moment before smirking deviously at one another. Oh, they were going to use that strap on all right. But not for themselves. Without even saying anything, they both knew they would go in there, and double team Nikki. Becky happened to have a strap on of her own in her bag. This wasn't the end of the night. Not by a long shot.


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