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but intimate kiss久久人妻夜夜做天天爽

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but intimate kiss久久人妻夜夜做天天爽

Ron’s stomach clenched as Harry reclaimed his seat on the bed, knowing he’d be Ginny’s next target, suddenly regretting every nasty trick he’d played on her while they were kids."Hermione," Ginny said, "You know your knickers are history now, but I want Ron to take them off . . . using only his teeth."Ron flushed crimson, not so much at Ginny’s command, but because his cock moved quicker than he did, making Ginny giggle at him. But being the good sport that he was, Ron got up on his knees as Hermione laid back on the bed, lifting her hips for him just a bit.Ron quickly found that he rather liked the task Ginny had set for him and made a mental note to thank her later, but it wasn’t actually as easy as it sounded. He couldn’t really pull from the front of Hermione’s knickers and get the fabric to move over the curve of her hip. Instead he had to work from her sides alternately, until he got the lacy elastic past her hips, but then he moved strategically between Hermione’s legs and pressed his mouth against her center. One quick bite of very damp and musky fabric, taking extra care to be sure his teeth raked across her sensitive parts, and he was able to scoot himself back toward his own seat, with Hermione’s knickers dangling from his mouth, as he savored her taste and smell. When Ron made no effort to drop them onto the discarded clothing pile, Hermione tried unsuccessfully to snatch them away, and was quite embarrassed when Ron took them in his hand, sniffed deeply at the crotch and then offered them to Harry, "Smells heavenly, doesn’t she mate?"Harry glanced at Ginny, uncertain how she’d react, but he took the proffered knickers and pressed them to his face. "Err, not bad at all," he replied, before dropping them onto the pile. Hermione’s scent vividly reminded him of their last night together, and how he’d both tasted and smelled Hermione on Ginny’s lips, and his cock throbbed rather painfully with "that" need.Hermione won the next hand. "Harry, you can help Ginny out of her knickers, and Ron, you can assist, at least with the sides, teeth only please, both of you." Ron flashed her a panicked look . . . he couldn’t do that to his sister!"I can’t help it if you’re lousy at cards, Ron. Maybe you should’ve worn extra clothes if you don’t like the payment plan," Hermione purred.Ron glanced at Harry, who nodded at him, and the two raised to their knees again and approached Ginny, who had reclined on the bed, arms thrown shamelessly back over her head so that her bare breasts were more noticeable with each breath she took, and she was breathing rather rapidly by that time.In unison, Harry and Ron bit the elastic at Ginny’s slim waist, one on either side of her, and peeled her knickers slowly and easily over her curvy hips. Ron could smell her desire as he attempted to back away, so Harry could use the central approach to complete the task, but his cock bumped against Ginny’s bare foot as he retreated. She boldly ran her toes up his considerable length, causing him to groan out loud."Damn, Ginny, don’t do that to me!" he exclaimed, hoping no one had noticed the groan.Hermione winked at Ginny, and Harry had to concentrate hard on forcing the grin from his face so he could get a proper bite on the crotch of Ginny’s knickers, hesitating for just a second to push his tongue around the lacy edge and dip it into her wet folds. Ginny whimpered and her eyes flashed at Harry, wanting more, but knowing the game wasn’t over yet. Harry pulled her knickers away with a flourish and spit them onto the clothing pile.Ron held the pair in the next hand, and struggled with several tempting ideas of what to make the two girls do, but he had to give Harry a command as well. His stomach gave a rumble at that moment, so he reached out for the food tray as an idea slid into focus. They’d all nibbled at the tray throughout the game, but there was still plenty of good stuff left, so he selected a rather succulent bit of pineapple, which he dipped into the chocolate sauce and sucked at it as he looked from Hermione to Ginny to Harry. He knew he would be risking getting hexed by somebody, but Hermione had made him help Harry with Ginny’s knickers, and he’d always heard that payback was hell."You two lay down, and Harry, you turn around," Ron began.When Harry’s back was turned, Ron picked up the bowls of chocolate sauce and honey, holding a finger to his lips to indicate he expected silence from the girls. Ginny unconsciously ran her tongue across her bottom lip as Ron dripped honey onto Hermione . . . a couple drops on her lips, a drizzle down her neckline and across one of her nipples, a few drips across her belly, and finishing with another drizzle down her right thigh. Ron noticed the unintentional drip clinging to her brown curls, and Hermione shivered in anticipation, but kept her silence. Then Ron did the same thing on Ginny with the chocolate sauce, blushing a bit as he worked, but quite turned on by this rather intimate act none-the-less. Until the past weekend, Ron had failed to notice that his baby sister had blossomed into a beautiful young woman, but it was rather hard to ignore with her spread out before him."Harry, don’t turn around yet. Chocolate sauce or honey?" Ron asked. "Your task is to come lick it off one of the girls. The one you clean up does the other."Harry hesitated. He knew Ron was addicted to chocolate, so he was fairly certain he’d have used that on Hermione. "Honey," Harry said very decisively, turning expectantly to face Ginny as he did.Ginny just shrugged at him and said "I can wait."Harry’s shocked expression resembled that of someone who had just taken a Bludger to the head, and he looked questioningly at Ron, whose smug expression told him he’d been set up, he just wasn’t really sure why. Harry’s Gryffindor nature refused to shy away from a challenge, however, so he moved over the top of Hermione and leaned his head in to lick the honey from her lips. He could feel his cock throb, but did his best to keep it from brushing against her body. He had always thought Hermione was attractive, but was a bit surprised at how eager he was to explore her naked skin, because his mind had always placed her "off limits" because he knew Ron fancied her, and because now he was supposed to focus entirely on Ginny.Hermione’s lips parted slightly as Harry licked at them, and their tongues touched, causing them both to suck in deep breaths. Harry lingered, indulging himself in a brief, but intimate kiss, then followed the trail of honey down Hermione’s slender neck and onto the swell of her breast. He couldn’t help himself; he groaned out loud when he sucked Hermione’s nipple into his mouth to collect the honey that awaited him there, and he had to will himself to move onward as he silently cursed Ron for doing this to him. Hermione bit hard into her bottom lip, trying desperately to stifle the whimper, which she feared would make it painfully obvious how much Harry was exciting her. She thought Ginny would be okay about it, but she worried it would hurt Ron if she showed too much pleasure at Harry’s touch. Harry’s tongue skated efficiently across Hermione’s belly seeking out the few drips lingering there, then he moved toward the trail of honey clinging to her thigh. His eyes widened in something akin to fear as he spotted the single drop of honey that had fallen from Hermione’s curls to rest provocatively on her clit.‘Oh Merlin, I can’t do this,’ Harry thought. Panic rose in Harry, knowing Ron couldn’t have intended the honey to land there."Err, Ron," he began tentatively, "Umm, why don’t you help me out a bit here?"He didn’t notice the flicker of disappointment that flashed across Hermione’s face, but Ginny did. She’d always suspected Hermione might fancy both of her best friends, at least a little, even if she focused her attention on Ron. Oddly, she found it more exciting than annoying that her best girlfriend seemed attracted to her boyfriend, something else they could share intimately, perhaps."Oh no, Harry," chided Ron. "You’re not getting off that easy." When both of the girls began to giggle, Ron grinned, "Well, then again, maybe you are. But a bet’s a bet and you’re not welching. Now clean her up so she can get on with Gin."Harry took a deep breath, his heart pounding so hard in his chest he was stunned no one else could hear it. He wasn’t sure why this should be any more difficult than going down on Ginny, which he thought he’d done fairly well the previous weekend but, "Oh Merlin, how could he do this to Hermione, with Ron and Ginny watching him?"Still being careful to avoid getting his now very unruly cock too close to Hermione’s body, Harry turned himself to stare at the triangular patch between her thighs, trying to decide how to accomplish his task with the least intrusion, and hence,狠狠躁夜夜躁人人爽野战天天 least embarrassment for both himself and Hermione. Ever so cautiously, he extended his tongue, silently praying he could collect the honey in one quick swipe and move on to what now seemed to be the much safer area of her thigh. Ginny and Hermione exchanged a glance as the tip of Harry’s tongue inched forward, and just as it made its first hesitant contact with Hermione’s little nub, Harry tensed, feeling not one, but two hands surrounding his throbbing erection, stroking it slowly in unison. From the angles of reach, Harry knew instantly that the hands belonged to two different people, and as he could clearly see in front of him at Hermione’s feet, there was only one possible explanation. ‘Not even a Saint could take this,’ Harry rationalized, before sucking Hermione’s little nub into his mouth and working it frantically with his tongue for a few agonizingly erotic seconds as he struggled to regain control of himself. Someone moaned, and one of the hands stroking his cock had tightened the moment he began to suck on Hermione’s clit, so he presumed it to be hers. He silently thanked the God of all horny teenagers when neither hand released him as he moved on to lap the honey from Hermione’s thigh, and wished he could think of some good reason for them to remain there when at last he rose to survey Hermione’s flushed body to confirm all traces of honey had been removed.As Harry sat up, Hermione let out the breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. Her insides ached with need for something, someone, as she rose to clean the chocolate that had been drying on Ginny for the past several excruciatingly erotic minutes. Hermione was a bit surprised at how eager she had been to feel Harry’s tongue on her naked skin, because her mind had always forced her to choose between her two best friends, and her logical side had chosen Ron because she always sensed he returned her interest, even though he had kept it well hidden until just recently, and because she knew that Ginny had fancied Harry since she was ten.Ron’s penis had throbbed painfully as he’d watched Harry licking Hermione’s heated skin, and a drop of pre-cum escaped him when Harry pressed his mouth into Hermione’s folds, but he actually began to stroke himself while watching Hermione lick her way down his sister’s body. Harry wasn’t sure whether to watch Hermione, or to watch Ron; both scenes made his cock twitch, but with great restraint, he refrained from touching himself, and Ron stopped as Hermione neared the end of the trail down Ginny’s thigh. Both boys found themselves severely disappointed that there were no errant drips of chocolate on Ginny’s twat. Returning to her seat, Hermione looked at Ron and licked her lips, carefully catching a bit of stray chocolate at the corner of her mouth, and Ron groaned out loud.Hermione won the next round, but she was so aroused by that time, she could barely think straight. It was time for what she and Ginny had wanted to see, had talked about all week, and what she personally had suspected privately for awhile now.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Part 10------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"You’ve watched us," Hermione said, with a mischievous gleam in her eye, "and now we want to watch the two of you. Ginny’s task will be to finish what you two interrupted last Saturday, while the two of you pleasure each other." And with that, Hermione lay back on the bed and spread her legs for Ginny, who never hesitated, but quickly buried her face between her friend’s thighs. "You two’ll need to stand, nnggghh," (Ginny had just lapped at Hermione’s little nub) "beside the bed about here" (Hermione pointed to the perfect spot) "so that Ginny and I can both see you."A look passed between Harry and Ron, silently acknowledging the time had come. Showing their girlfriends just how close they’d become would be considerably easier, and much more enjoyable, than actually having to tell them; it would be a show that neither Ginny nor Hermione would ever forget.Ginny’s tongue stilled on Hermione’s clit as the two boys got to their feet and stood facing one another beside the bed, nothing hesitant about their movements. Harry pressed his erection against Ron’s as their lips met, and Ron’s tongue plunged forward into Harry’s mouth in a bold and demanding kiss. Hermione’s eyes were wide in amazement, and Ginny remained motionless, her tongue still pressed into Hermione’s folds, as the boys rocked against each other.Harry’s hand, resting on Ron’s hip, urged their bodies closer together before they finally backed away, breathless from their first kiss with an audience. Ginny suddenly remembered her mission and began again to lick at Hermione’s heated wetness, only to lose her train of thought once more as Harry’s right hand wrapped around both his and Ron’s cocks and stroked them in time with Ron’s tongue on his nipples. At that point, Ginny abandoned all pretense of bringing Hermione off, and instead rested her head on Hermione’s thigh to watch the show before her. The slow and deliberate movements of Harry’s hand, and the steady thrust of Ron’s hips towards Harry’s body, made it hard for either girl to breathe properly, and when the boys switched up so that Ron was stroking their cocks and Harry was bathing Ron’s nipples with his tongue, the transition was so well practiced that neither girl actually noticed the change taking place."Oh, Merlin," was Hermione’s response when Harry dropped to his knees, eagerly taking Ron into his mouth, and she dropped her own hand between her thighs. She’d thought her boys might have experimented a bit, but she was not expecting anything nearly as hot and exquisite as this. Ginny was breathing so hard Hermione feared she might hyperventilate.Ron tangled his fingers into Harry’s hair, pumping himself against Harry’s mouth as his thigh muscles tightened almost convulsively. When he felt himself getting close, he tugged Harry to his feet and kissed him deeply, then directed the girls to budge up and give them some room, before pushing Harry backward onto the bed between the girls so he could return the favor.Suspecting Hermione’s condition from her ragged breathing and the way her fingertips were massaging her own clit, Ron dipped a couple fingers into her pussy to get them nice and slippery before going down on Harry’s cock with his mouth and pressing those same two fingers, covered in Hermione’s natural lubrication, into Harry’s welcoming entrance."Bloody Hell!" swore Ginny. "I can’t take much more of this." She was rubbing her own little nub frantically, and her eyes burned as she watched her brother and her lover without blinking even once for fear of missing something. She had to fight the urge to reach out and grasp her brother’s erection, so temptingly close, for fear of shocking Ron and spoiling the moment.When Ron knew Harry was close to release, which never took long when he teased Harry’s tight insides like he was doing now, he withdrew his fingers and raised his head, pulling Harry to his feet again. He pressed himself once again against Harry’s body, possessively gripping both their cocks. It only took a few firm, twisty strokes before the two of them spilled, within seconds of each other, all over Ron’s hand. When Harry pulled Ron’s hand to his lips and sucked one of his cum coated fingers into his mouth, Hermione wailed, "My heart is pounding so hard, I'm going to explode."Ginny didn’t waste time on words, but scrambled to her feet beside Ron and began to lick her way from his elbow towards his hand, capturing the cum that was running down his arm, as Harry sucked on his fingers. Harry’s cock twitched against Ron’s as he watched Ginny, and his mind breathed a sigh of relief that she clearly wasn’t revolted by the idea that he had been intimate with her brother. It fact, she seemed extremely turned on by it.When Ginny’s tongue reached Ron’s hand and she was almost nose to nose with Harry, she braced herself for any adverse reaction from the boys, and turned to kiss her brother, swirling her tongue against his to share the taste of him and Harry together. Ron’s mind reeled at the idea of being kissed like that by his baby sister, but his body reacted the way any normal teenage boy’s would when being kissed by a beautiful naked girl; his cock stiffened and one of his hands wandered into the patch of red curls at the apex of Ginny’s thighs. He swore loudly against Ginny’s mouth when his fingers felt how wet and tight she was, and Hermione, who didn’t want to be left out, got off the bed and grasped both his and Harry’s cocks in her hands and began to stroke them lovingly.Harry seemed to think this was a good opportunity to further explore Hermione, so he abandoned Ron’s fingers and kissed her hungrily while searching for her little nub with his fingertips. Hermione reveled in the sensation of Harry’s calloused fingers buried deep inside her, his thumb rubbing against her clit, and nearly swooned when she felt herself climax around him. As soon as she trusted her balance, she lowered herself down and began to lick and tease both boys’ erections as she continued to stroke them; Harry and Ron growled in unison.Ginny’s channel tightened almost convulsively around Ron’s probing fingers as she watched Hermione’s tongue caressing the lengths of both Harry and Ron, and she came forcefully around Ron’s fingers when Hermione tried to take both boys into her mouth at once."Bloody Hell," swore Ron, dragging himself away from Ginny. His eyes rolled backward and his thighs trembled, partly from feeling the fresh rush of wetness he’d caused inside her and partly from feeling his cock rub against Harry’s while Hermione - the woman he loved - attempted to suck the both of them. He brought his hand to his mouth, tentatively tasting his sister’s orgasm. Harry leaned in to kiss him tenderly, and to help lick Ginny’s cum from the palm of Ron’s hand.Ginny sank to her knees, fingers slipping into Hermione as her tongue teased the bits of Harry that didn’t fit into Hermione’s mouth. Ginny smiled wickedly as she felt Harry’s cock twitch and she heard Ron swear as he felt it as well. She probed inside herself with her free hand, gathering the remnants of her recent orgasm for lubrication, before gently ghosting a dainty finger across Harry’s pucker and working it inside him.The only thing that prevented Harry from cuming on the spot was how recently he’d done so. After only a couple minutes at best, his knees buckled from the combined sensations of kissing Ron, while their cocks rubbed together, partially inside Hermione’s mouth, and of having Ginny’s tongue lapping at his balls and the base of his dick, while her finger maintained an agonizingly sensuous rhythm into and out of his body. It was more than he could take. Ron caught him as he started to fall, only because his arms were already surrounding him while they kissed. "Let’s all get back onto the bed, shall we?" Ron suggested.



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